Little Black Book

Featuring [Krescendo], ZK Store and  Sweet Art

One of the things I am blogging today is the Sugar Suite Gacha set from Krescendo.  One of the items in the set is a little black book, that is actually not very little and that got me thinking about the history of the “little black book”.  We all know it as a little book, typically kept by men, that contains phone numbers and possibly other “intimate” information about women they have dated or would like to date. 

While there isn’t a lot of information on its origin, I did find a couple of interesting items.  It seems that having your name in a little black book back in the mid 1400’s was not a good thing.  Apparently leaders kept the names of people who had committed crimes or fallen out of favor in little black books.  Jumping forward to 1536, royalty (including Kind Henry VIII) kept an actual black book full of names of those in the kingdom who were “sinful”!  Now that I see that in writing I think perhaps that does relate to the modern day little black book.  Perhaps the men (and ok, maybe women keep them too) are hoping the people whose names go into their little black book are just that…sinful.  Which reminds me of a funny quote….”Of the seven deadly sins, only Envy is no fun at all.” (Joseph Epstein)

Anyhoo, in addition to the Sugar Suite Gacha I am also featuring a new release from ZK Store and a pose from Sweet Art that is available at Pose Fair which is now open.  You can find all of the info in the credits.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth  – Vivid

Dress –  ZK Store  – Naty Dress @ Kinky Event

Sweater – Cynful – Fuzzy Cardigan

Earrings – Mossu – Fuzzy Earrings

ShoesPure Poison – Osha Pumps


[Krescendo] Kinky Event

Kres] Sugar Suite – Ashtray – Black
[Kres] Sugar Suite – Chair – Black
[Kres] Sugar Suite – Desk – Black
[Kres] Sugar Suite – Frames 1 – Black
[Kres] Sugar Suite – Frames 2 – Black
[Kres] Sugar Suite – Little Black Book – Black
[Kres] Sugar Suite – Love Story
[Kres] Sugar Suite – Makeout Table – Black – RAR
[Kres] Sugar Suite – Podium – Black
[Kres] Sugar Suite – Pole – Black
[Kres] Sugar Suite – Ring Frame – Black
[Kres] Sugar Suite – Toy Rack – Black – RARE
[Kres] Sugar Suite – Toy hanger

MudHoney – Photo Room 6

+Half-Deer+ – Chinese Lantern

Cheeky Pea -Delilah Mirror

{vespertine} – Starry Fairylights Hanging – Copper


Sweet Art – Oriana #5 (includes cell phone) @ Pose Fair

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