Kindness Is Like Coffee

Featuring Vinyl Apparel

Kindness is like coffee.
It awakens your spirit and improves your day.
Fill your cup with both.

Today I am featuring a new release from Vinyl Apparel.  It was quite a coincidence because I had just been going through my inventory trying to find a pair of shorts and leggings that worked together with no luck.  This is the Donut Denim Shorts and the Jelly Leggings.  The leggings are included in fatpack colors with each pair of shorts.  You can change the belt color as well and even wear the shorts without the belt if you want.  You can find this new release at Uber.  I have paired them up with Vinyl’s Crumbles Tee set that was released at the September round of Uber.  You can find it in the main store now.  I hope your day is filled with kindness and coffee…or whatever happens to be your beverage of choice!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Beanie Babe (gacha)

Shorts/Leggings–  Vinyl Apparel – Donut Denim Shorts (Jelly leggings included) @ Uber

Top –  Vinyl Apparel – Crumbles Tee Set

Gloves – Meva – Nala Gloves


Reign. –  Pumpkin Spice Latte

MINIMAL – Kunstmuseen Graffiti Corner


Diversion – Humble – Pose 3 (arm position modified by latte)

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