Resolutions Revisited

Featuring Vinyl Apparel and Lyrium Poses

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  You know…where you start thinking about all the great New Year’s resolutions you are going to make for 2021 and how you’re TOTALLY going to stick to them this time!!  The only resolution I have made for many years now is to try and be a good and kind human being and to make the best of things in whatever situation I find myself in.  Millions of people make weight loss resolutions and I had always heard that doing so was a bad idea.  After a quick Google search, indeed, there is no shortage of articles to that regard.

All of that being said, I will go out on a limb in the new year.  You see, we are getting an elliptical machine for Christmas and while I am not looking at it in any form or fashion as a weight loss resolution, I am looking at it as a chance to put a little more movement in my life.  I love walking, but Alabama weather conditions are not the best for that.  I can’t take the cold anymore but I can’t swelter my way around the block in 90+ degrees either. I’m not going to make some bold statement that I am going to use it every day for 30 minutes but I will simply say, I am going to use it….and unlike the exercise equipment in my photo, that I will keep it clear of cobwebs until at least…..March.  *Laughs*.  Stay tuned in the new year for updates!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Charlie

Top – Vinyl Apparel  – Sleepy Tee *Last Call* @ Uber

Sweats – Vinyl Apparel  – Tustk Sweats


Dust Bunny

Sweet Dreams . Alarm Clock . Gold
Sweet Dreams . Chest of Drawers . Wide
Sweet Dreams . Lamp
Sweet Dreams . Morning Tray
Sweet Dreams . Wall Art


Astralia – GetFit! Posters
Astralia – GetFit! Treadmill (pink)
Astralia – GetFit! Workout Set (pink)

Medieval Fantasy – Spider Cobwebs

The Black Forest – Cardboard Box

 e.marie – Scenic Route Suitcase Decor

hive  – Hanging Glass Light

Duvet Day – Yoga Mat Holder

{Old Barn Door} – Candy Bar (included w/ Princess Backyard Playset)


Lyrium Poses – Duda Static – Pose 1 Access
*Note – The Duda Series comes as static poses or breathing animations.  Each sold separately.* 

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