The Clarity Of The Window

Featuring ZK Store and Tuesdays

What we see in others
depends on the clarity
of the window
through which we look.

– Unknown –


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Cyanna @ Equal10

Top –  ZK Store  – Cocooning Jacket @  Shiny Shabby

Pants –  ZK Store  – Cocooning Pants @  Shiny Shabby

Earrings – Swallow – Deco Earrings


Tuesdays – Antique Armoire @  The Liaison Collaborative

The Black Forest – Ground Vase w/Pods (collab w/ Tuesdays) @  The Liaison Collaborative

Dust Bunny – Flutter Skybox


Stun Poses – Kali – Pose 2

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