Brick & Mortar

Featuring KOPFKINO

I am so ready for some real summer heat.  It was a great day yesterday and I actually laid out in the sun for a bit and managed to get a little color on my face.  I know, I know….the sun is bad but I needed it!  This cold is STILL hanging on and though I feel fine I am continually having to blow my nose.  TMI here but WHERE does all the snot come from!  Jeeze, enough already!  Anyway…

Today I am featuring a previous release from KOPFKINO.  This is the Garden Corner Gacha which consists of 10 pieces, two of which are rares.  I have combined some of the pieces with pieces from another creator and they go together so well.  I love mixing and matching pieces and love when I find a gacha where I don’t feel like I have to have the entire set for it to look complete and am happy with any of the pieces from it.  The Garden Corner is one of those sets.  You can find it at the main store.




Garden Corner – Amphoras
Garden Corner – Magazines
Garden Corner – Pottery Colored
Garden Corner – Ruins
Garden Corner – Succulent Table
Garden Corner – Tub Seat
Garden Corner – Tulip Box


Boho Porch Set – 3 Madagascar Palm
Boho Porch Set – 6 Cactus

Ayla – Boho Farmhouse – Macramé Stool Blue

The Little Branch – Bottle Palm

Studio Skye – Skye Enchanted Woods V3

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