Life Is Short, Paddle Hard!

Featuring {What Next}, Lyrium and MAAI

OK, ok! I am super excited with what I have for you today!  As I have mentioned we are now living on a homestead that is a beautiful tropical beach and I have paths of waterways around that were designed for tubing, like a lazy river at your favorite waterpark.  What I really wanted though was a paddle board and after looking in the market I didn’t see anything that caught my eye because I really didn’t want it to be a “vehicle”.  If you have ever seen my try to “drive” things that operate as vehicles you would know why.  They are just so hard to control.

It dawned on me that some of my favorite toys (bikes, boats, golf cart, scooter, etc.) in Second Life are actually from What Next and are attachments and thus are easily controlled by your normal walking and running.  Now, since I am lucky enough to blog for What Next I decided to drop a little notecard with the suggestion of a paddle board that was wearable and I was so excited to get a response that she was working on it.  Let me tell you now…it is PERFECT and exactly what I was looking for but even better because it comes with a texture HUD for the board AND paddle AND its on sale as the Fifty Linden Friday item!!  Also, since it is wearable you can attach it at your favorite beach or tropical destination and go exploring.  I’m gushing I know but I just love it!  Thank you Winter for indulging a beach bum’s wishes!  Now everyone go and grab one for yourself, for your partner, for your friends and go have a blast! 

The paddle board is animated but for the sake of the picture I chose a seated pose from Lyrium that worked perfect!  This is another great pose from the Helen Static Set I featured the other day and it is still available at Equal10.

I am also featuring a super cute outfit from MAAI that will be available at The Liaison Collaborative opening later today.  The Maya outfit is a wet look top and bikini bottom.  It comes in 14 colors but each color includes a HUD for you to customize the bottoms in different colors and patterns and there will be a fatpack available as well.  It is super cute and was perfect for my photo.  Everything just came together perfectly for this one….don’t you just love when that happens!  

Happy Friday everyone!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Wasabi – Nina

Top –  MAAI  – Maya Top Petite @ The Liaison Collaborative

Bottom –  MAAI  – Maya Panties @ The Liaison Collaborative

Bracelets – kunst – Hawaii Bracelets A, B & C

Anklet – kunst – Summer Anklet


{What Next}Wearable Paddle Board & Oar

MishMish– Corgi Puppies (glasses not included – see below)

Sunglasses – Dahlia – Liona Sunglasses (worn on dog)

Scarlet Creative – Aime Tiny Carriage House


Lyrium – Helen Static Pose Set – Pose 4 Equal10

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