Welcome To Melrose Place

Featuring Old Barn Door

If you were a teen or young adult in the early 90’s you most likely watched or at least knew about the TV series Melrose Place.  It aired from 1992 – 1999 and followed the lives of a group of young adults living in an apartment complex called Melrose Place, in West Hollywood, California.  

Old Barn Door has created a Second Life version of the apartment and it is so cute and full of nostalgia for me.  I spent a few years watching Beverly Hill 90210 and Melrose Place which ran back to back.  Nicole Maladay, our Old Barn Door blogger manager did a great vlog on the build, complete with the Melrose Place theme song, which you can see here.  I was lucky enough to participate and it was so fun and turned out so cute.  Here is another shot of the interior courtyard where the residents often gathered.

The pool has new bento animations as well as the Popsicle and Donut floats.  There is an included soda vending machine that dispenses soda that is animated and has sound as well.  It’s all about the details!  Most of the landscaping is included and it is all packed up in a rezzer for instant fun!  There are four apartments with their own entrances so you could easily share this with friends or even use as a rental.  The Watermelon and Donut float are also sold separately as well as the Turtle float and they are PACKED with new bento animations for singles, friends, couples and adults.  Definitely check out the video link for a virtual tour and better still, go see it in person!



{Old Barn Door}

{OBD} *New* Soda Vending Machine
{OBD} Melrose Apartments Flower Bed
{OBD} Melrose Apartments Flower Bed 2
{OBD} Melrose Apartments Flower Bed 3
{OBD} Melrose Apts
{OBD} Melrose Dwarf Palms Ring
{OBD} Melrose Decor Door
{OBD} Melrose Donut Float
{OBD} Melrose Donut Floats
{OBD} Melrose Eaten Donut Float [
{OBD} Melrose Entrance Landscaping [Left]
{OBD} Melrose Entrance Landscaping [Right]
{OBD} Melrose Entrance Trees [Left]
{OBD} Melrose Entrance Trees [Right]
{OBD} Melrose Flower Boxes
{OBD} Melrose Place Pool
{OBD} Melrose Plant Stand
{OBD} Melrose Post Box
{OBD} Melrose Small Tall Palm Ring
{OBD} Melrose Tall Palm Ring
{OBD} Melrose Turtle Float
{OBD} Melrose Watermelon Float
{OBD} Popsicle Float


Sway’s [Naolin] Beach Towel edge . Kiwi
Sway’s [Naolin] Beach Towel edge . Watermelon


Soy. Outdoor Chaise Lounger
Soy. Side Table [White] for Chaise Lounger


.peaches. Beachin’ Bag Clutter – Yellow
.peaches. Summer Lovin’ – Flippies (Green)
.peaches. Summer Lovin’ – Towel – Stripe-in’

{What Next}Lawn Chair

LOVE – Clematis – Wall Top

Heart Garden Center – Coco Palms (Leaning & Groves)

Fashiowl – Grill (included in Summer Pose pack)

(Motorcycle not available)

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