The Silence Within

Featuring 22769, Fancy Decor, KraftWork, Mithral and friday

Within, walls continued upright, bricks met neatly, floors
were firm, and doors were sensibly shut; silence lay steadily
against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever
walked there, walked alone.

-Shirley Jackson

I started rewatching The Haunting of Hill House the other day and am enjoying it just as much this second time around.  I love a good scary movie about a haunted house especially this time of year.  Another one on my list of repeats for this Halloween season is The Others, starring Nicole Kidman.  I have seen that one multiple times and still love it!  Do you have a favorite?  Please share!

I am featuring some great Halloween items today.  Many of them can be found at FLF-O-Ween for the “howlingly” good price of 50L or at the upcoming round of The Liaison Collaborative.  You can find all the details in the credits!

Have a safe & spooky weekend!




Hanging Cabinet
Le fond des mortels
Skull Terrarium
Sloppy High Shelf

Fancy Decor – Mossy Stone Pumpkins FLF-O-Ween

Mithral – Coffin Living Wall Black FLF-O-Ween

friday – Wood Block Cat – Black FLF-O-Ween


KraftWork Mini Haunted Village @ Access
KraftWork Palazzo Mini Room The Liaison Collaborative

:: 2Xtreme :: – Ghost 

Apple Fall – Old Windsor Chair 

Boudoir – Bloody Female Body Under the Rug

Death Row Designs

Forgotten Attic – Wedding Dress – Special Edition 
October Shelf – Group Gift

Nutmeg – Upright Piano w/ Sheet Music

Dysfunctionality – Dewdrop Cobwebs 

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