Snow Day

Featuring Serenity Style

I imagine a snow day in “snowman land” looks a lot like a snow day in real life. Kids love a day off of school and even though I have been out of school for a long, long time, I do remember hoping for a snow day whenever a big snow came.  We would all be outside playing, snowmobiling, ice skating, building snowmen and then heading in to make snow icecream and drink hot chocolate while our wet clothes dried out.  Then we would do it all over again.  Ah, the good old days! 

This Snowman Time collection is from Serenity Style and will be available at The Arcade.  Now that gachas are a thing of the past there is a new way to play which you can read all about here.  There are 13 different pieces to collect.  The Arcade will open on December 1st.


Serenity Style @ The Arcade

1- Serenity Style- Snowman Time – Joy
2-Serenity Style- Snowman Time – Garland
3-Serenity Style- Snowman Time – Red Dog
4-Serenity Style- Snowman Time – Funny
5-Serenity Style- Snowman Time – Blue Dog
6-Serenity Style- Snowman Time – Tree
7-Serenity Style- Snowman Time – Cane
8-Serenity Style- Snowman Time – Big Ornaments
9-Serenity Style- Snowman Time – Sliding
10-Serenity Style- Snowman Time – Cold
11-Serenity Style- Snowman Time – Snowflake
12-Serenity Style- Snowman Time – Snowglobe
13-Serenity Style- Snowman Time – Sled RARE

 Cheeky Pea – Chestnut Igloo (lighted)


HPMD* Cliff Hill – snow
HPMD* Garden Tree07 – snowy
HPMD* Shrub – snowy

Heart Garden Center – Snowy Drift


Bush Cluster – Frost
Bush Cluster – Ice
Bush Cluster – Red Berry
Bush Cluster – White Berry

hive – Fir Tree

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