Nesting Grounds

Featuring Soul2Soul, SQUARE and TLC Animals

Loving this new set from Soul2Soul and so are my budgie friends.  They are making themselves right at home…no traditional nest required.  I have nests on the brain at the moment because I had to remove the beginnings of two nests on my back patio.  One had made a good bit of progress and I felt terrible taking it down but I also don’t need fledglings on the ground in a couple of months as they would surely be goners.  My little dachshund is quite the hunter and has 3 rabbits under her belt…much to my dismay!  Hence, the nests are a no go!

This is the Honey Dreams set from Soul2Soul along with a few other Soul2Soul pieces.  The Honey Dreams set is a mix of Scandi and Boho and includes texture options in the throws and pillows as well as animations in the chairs and ottoman.  Check the credits for all the info on what is included in the set which you can find at the current round of Cosmopolitan.

I am also featuring these incredible budgies from TLC Animals,  They are so lifelike and the detail work is just lovely.  They include sounds as well as texture options and the set also includes a wearable option.  You can find them at Bloom.

Last but not least is the Nexa Pendant Lamp from SQUARE.  They are available in five color choices and each lamp can be turned on or off individually.  You can find them at the birthday round of The Liaison Collaborative.




Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Armchair @ Cosmopolitan
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Armchair w/Throw @ Cosmopolitan
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Birdcage @ Cosmopolitan
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Cabinet @ Cosmopolitan
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Cabinet wide @ Cosmopolitan
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Leaning Mirrors @ Cosmopolitan
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Pampas Floor Vase Lrg @ Cosmopolitan
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Pampas Floor Vase Sm @ Cosmopolitan
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Pouf @ Cosmopolitan
Soul2Soul. Honey Dreams Tulips Vase @ Cosmopolitan
Soul2Soul. Japanese Acer. Katsura
Soul2Soul. Moritz Fireplace
Soul2Soul. BohoChic Rug Boho


Pitaya – Farm Curtains
Pitaya – Morocco Dreams White- Seat Pillows

TLC Animals – Budgies Classic Set @ Bloom

SQUARE – NEXA Pendant Light @ The Liaison Collaborative

{What Next} – Balboa Pendant Light

Andika – Organique Orange Bread Set – Orange @ Bloom

Scarlet Creative – Oceania Beach House

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