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Featuring DaD Virtual Living, .spruce., Ariskea, DISORDERLY and Cerridwen’s Cauldron

Secluded, romantic dinner on the beach?? Where do I sign up?  Today, everything I am featuring can be found at Summerfest!  

The Summer Beach Decor from DaD Virtual Living includes folding chairs, stools, towel and pillow baskets and more.  Most items are texture change on touch and as always the textures are gorgeous.

Spruce has several item available and I am showing two of them.  The Summer Lovin’ Pillows and the Blake Reclaimed Beach Blocks.  The pillows come in five different styles and include 12 texture options.  The beach blocks have a great realistic wood texture and there are five different beach phrases included.

From Ariskea are these lovely pieces of driftwood, a must for every beach.  They come in 2 sizes and are resizable.  The Driftwood set also includes these beautiful, spinning WoodChimes and a candle (not shown here).  So pretty!

Next up from Disorderly is the Wine Stands from the Lightly Shelled collection.  In addition to the wine stands are a dome and jars that all include a variety of beach shells, sand and/or working candles.  They come a variety of colors or you can buy the fatpack and get them all!

Finally, from Cerridwen’s Cauldron is the Twinkle Ivy.  This ivy is loaded with options all controlled on touch…everything from color, twinkles, glow and animation. It comes in several shapes and sizes to blend in perfectly wherever you chose to use it.

Head over to Summerfest and check out all of the great summer goodies!



DaD Virtual LivingSummerfest

Beach Rustic Planks
Summer Beach Decor – Folding Chairs
Summer Beach Decor – Folding Stools
Summer Beach Decor – Towels & Pillows Round Basket
Summer Beach Decor – Towels & Pillows Square Basket
Summer Beach Decor – Vintage Oars Decor

.spruce. Summerfest

.spruce. blake reclaimed beach blocks {beach}
.spruce. blake reclaimed beach blocks {sand}
.spruce. blake reclaimed beach blocks {sun}
.spruce. summer lovin’ pillows

Ariskea Summerfest

Ariskea Driftwood – Bigger
Ariskea Driftwood – Smaller
Ariskea Driftwood – WoodChimes

Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Twinkle Ivy @ Summerfest

DISORDERLY.  – Lightly Shelled Wine Stands – Blue Summerfest

 Lucas Lameth – Oysters, Red Wine & Buttered Bread Set

Dust Bunny – Dreamy Outing Pillow Pile – Colorful

The Little Branch – CrispyGrass

Las Islas – Naimesh Naupaka

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